We’ve all been there; you wake up with a sore throat and your brain immediately starts rattling off the possible […]
The end of October kicks off the holiday season, and as with everything else in 2020, it feels different this […]
As a parent, there are countless life milestones you’ve been preparing for since you had your first child. Although the first day of school is […]
As Coronavirus cases continue to rise, many people with and without Covid-19 symptoms are choosing to be tested. At Northwest […]
As we adapt to our new “normal” in stage four of the re-opening process, it’s imperative that we don’t become […]
For many of us, terms like self-isolating, shelter in place, and quarantine weren’t apart of our vocabulary a few months […]
As we face this global pandemic, our community’s safety is the number one priority for NW Indiana ER & Hospital, […]