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It is natural to wonder when or if you should go to an emergency room after a car accident. Even if there are no apparent indications of serious injury, auto accident victims should always seek an emergency room as soon as possible.

One of the first things to do after a car accident is to determine whether you, or anybody else, has been injured. Even if you are not noticeably injured, you should go to the nearest emergency room to have a professional ER physician assess your condition.

When should you go to an emergency room?

Every year, around 4.4 million Americans are injured in car accidents that are serious enough to require medical care. If you have suffered severe injuries in a car crash, you should dial 9-1-1 immediately. Emergency responders will be able to send an ambulance to your location and have a police officer on the site write an accident report. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or paramedics will then be able to take you to the nearest (or preferred) emergency room near Hammond, Indiana.

If you think you have suffered no injuries or only have a few cuts and bruises, it does not mean you are in the clear. Even in the absence of any serious injuries, you should consider getting evaluated at an emergency room as soon as possible.

Why should you visit an emergency room as soon as possible?

There are many reasons why it is critical to seek emergency room care after an auto accident, regardless of whether you think you have suffered any life-threatening injuries. However, the most important reason is that symptoms of some injuries may be delayed.

After getting into a car accident, you could experience a variety of injuries — and not all of them will be obvious immediately. Concussions or ‘mild traumatic brain injury’ (MTBI), for example, are a common type of injury suffered by those involved in car accidents. A concussion can occur whether you have or have not been hit on the head. A concussion may occur during a car accident simply by having your head jolt violently, causing the brain to hit the inside of the skull.

Concussion symptoms — such as balance problems, brain fog, and nausea — may not appear right away. This is also true for injuries such as whiplash, which can manifest symptoms days or even weeks after the accident.

Adrenaline can also (partially or entirely) mask the initial signs of your injuries. Adrenaline is a fight-or-flight hormone secreted by the body in conditions of stress or danger. This hormone allows your body to respond to threats more quickly and inhibits pain receptors in the body.

In other words, you may not notice some or most of the initial pain from your injuries if you have adrenaline coursing through your body. Failure to seek immediate medical attention at an emergency room following a car accident can cause your symptoms to worsen over time.

Looking for the Premier Emergency Room in Hammond, Indiana?

If you have been injured in a car accident, it’s strongly recommended that you seek medical attention right away at your nearest emergency room. In Hammond, Indiana, regardless of the severity of your injuries, our qualified ER physicians at NW Indiana ER & Hospital are here to provide you with the emergency medical care you need. Contact us today at (219) 554-9911 or fill out an online form to get in touch with our staff.


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